Pre-listing Home Inspections add value and is proven to Sell Homes Faster and For More Money 

 “…home sellers are turning to new strategies to sell quickly and at the right price… hiring inspectors before they put their homes on the market”.

checkWhy A-Pro? Simple! Because our Certified Pre-Owned Home™ program is a Major Selling Point…


…which can lead to more buyers, and quicker sales and higher prices.

USA Today

 “Liz Moore, a broker in Newport News, Va., says her firm pays for a pre-listing inspection for all her sellers. ‘It’s fair to say that is the reason our listings sell 30% faster than the market average,’ she says. And early anecdotal evidence suggests that inspected houses ‘consistently sell for a few thousand dollars more.’ USA Today”


check Conducting an A-Pro inspection before the house is listed for sale benefits sellers in a number of ways:

Advantages of a Home Inspection  Our home inspection franchise experts help clients get a clear picture of the home to help accurately price the home – which reduces time on the market.
Use a Home Inspector before you sell  It is proven to sell homes faster and for more money
A Home Inspector can find the problems before the buyers do  It prevents unexpected issues from derailing a sale
A Home Inspection can speed the process  It eliminates delays in home sales
Use the Flexibility of a Home Inspection to shop prices instead of being under the gun  It gives sellers time to get reasonably priced contractors to make repairs
Find out the Good and Bad points for your property  It highlights positive aspects of a home for added selling points
Our Home Inspection Guarantee is transferable to the home buyer  It encourages the buyer to waive inspection contingency (our guarantee passes to a buyer)
Find out what is lurking where you can't see  It alerts sellers of systems and or components of immediate personal concern (e.g. termites, mold, etc).
Professional Documentation reduces liability  It reduces liability by adding professional documentation to the disclosure statement
Having a Pre Sale Home Inspection shows your commitment to passing value to new home buyers  The Certified Pre-Owned Home sign helps the home stand out among other properties


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