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Find the best home inspection franchise investments using the independent ratings, reports, information and professional services below. Confirm your home inspection franchise investment will meet your profit and personal needs before you buy Just as Consumer Reports® helps you buy consumer goods BestFranchise.org to find the best rated franchises. We survey franchisees and report the […]

A-Pro Home Inspection Services Franchise

With an annual potential of over 6 million transactions (translated into an estimated $1.8 billion in home inspection fees) the home inspection business is booming. In fact, Money Magazine has rated our industry as one of the “Top Ten Highest Income Home Businesses, and Entrepreneur Magazine calls home inspection “one of the best opportunities…” And […]

Have What It Takes to Be a Home Inspector?

The businesses of selling homes and inspecting homes share certain qualities. If you’ve ever wondered what it would take to become an inspector, here’s your answer. This is an excerpt from 21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know. You may already have an inkling that the home inspection business might be complicated and require some […]

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Checking Window Seals

Inspecting  Window Seals   Many newer windows have more than one pane of glass. The area between each pane is either airtight or filled with an insulating gas thus creating a temperature barrier.  If the seal around the pane is “broken” it can allow air and/or moisture to enter and reduces the thermal efficiency of […]

Are you selling your home?

When It Comes time to RESELL your home don’t forget make it a “CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED HOME”   A-Pro’s EXCLUSIVE SELLER’S PROTECTION   WE SAFEGUARD SELLERS FOR 120 DAYS WITH OUR UNPRECEDENTED “CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED HOME PROGRAM”   Today, home inspections are conducted in the interests of the buyer alone.  But A-Pro has changed all that with […]