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Buyers Beware? Not Anymore!

In every aspect of the Home Inspection process thoroughness, follow-through, communication, and guarantees we outperform our competitors. First of all, our courteous, CHI® Board Certified home inspection franchise owners are rigorously trained and broadly experienced professionals. They apply all their expertise from the experience of the A-Pro team who collectively perform 10’s of thousands of accurate, detailed, home inspections each year. What’s more, with each home inspection, A-Pro provides a Foundation Level Survey.

Since more than 30% of all claims are structural related, you wonder why our competitors don’t perform this vital service. With A-Pro it’s FREE OF CHARGE (a $150.00 value).


A-Pro clients rest easy knowing that our guarantees protect them against costly oversights and hassle of follow-up inspections.

What makes an A-Pro Home Inspection Franchise Different?

CHI, PHI, ASHI and ISHI Certified home inspectors We’re CHI, PHI, ASHI, and ISHI Certified — The highest certifications in the industry!
500-point inspections cover everything from the foundation to the rooftop Comprehensive 500-point inspections cover everything from the foundation to the rooftop!
A-Pro inspection reports are easy to read and understand Easy to read and understand reports. Delivered in 24-48 hours.
No Further Evaluation Guarantee “No Further Evaluation Guarantee” ensures no follow-up inspections will be needed
If We Pass It, We Protect It Guarantee FREE 120-day “If We Don’t Report It, We Repair It” Guarantee (we’re accountable for covered oversights!)
FREE Foundation Survey FREE Foundation Survey with every inspection (a $150 value)
Our home inspections point out what is good and bad about your property Reports feature positive and negative aspects of a home for an accurate picture

In short, there’s no better value… no greater peace-of-mind than with A-Pro. We guarantee it!

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A-Pro Home Inspection Franchise Services since 1994

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