HIGH-INCOME HOME BUSINESSES   These 10 businesses are considered to have the best prospects for growth by Money Magazine. Start-up costs include PC, printer, fax, software, desk and promotion.    Occupation Start-up costs Revenue* Export agent $3,050-$10,300 $300,000 Employee trainer $3,100-$9,200 $300,000 Management consultant $3,690-$13,650 $300,000 Commercial debt negotiator $2,000-$8,000 $150,000 Business-plan writer $2,800-$9,250 $150,000 […]

Doing Home Renovations?

Home Renovation Inspection… Be smart, Be protected have your renovations A-Pro Inspected!   I’m sure you have watched those television reality shows and know the nightmares that can arise from home renovations when done incorrectly. Subpar materials, poor workmanship or jobs left incomplete. To the untrained eye it can be difficult to know if the […]